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Zhu Lixiang Attended the Huizhou Port Quanwangang District Coal Wharf First Berth Ceremony

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 On November 18, the Huizhou Port Quanwangang District Coal Wharf First Berth Ceremony was held in Huizhou Port. Relevant leaders of Huizhou and Shenzhen Municipal Government attended the ceremony. Zhu Lixiang, chairman of Forth Harbour Consultants was invited to attend the ceremony and make a speech.

Huizhou Port Quanwangang District Coal Wharf is the largest coal wharf in east Guangdong region. Three 70,000-ton berths and supporting facilities are planned to be constructed in two phases with a designed annual coal-unloading capacity of 23 million tons. The investment for Phase I Project is about 3 billion yuan. It plans to construct 2 berths and supporting facilities. The wharf will be equipped with the world's most advanced coal handling equipment and transportation system. We are committed to building a world-class coal wharf.

This is our first production and use function test of this project organized and conducted by the EPC unit. After the project's no-load and heavy load linkage trial run is completed and all the tests in the pilot run are completed and accepted, EPC will turn over the projects that fully meet the production capacity to the owner as a whole in turnkey approach. The owner can put the project into operation after reception. This project is of great significance as a concrete practice that Forth Harbour Consultants takes full advantage of the whole industry chain and actively build “a one-stop integrated technical service provider in the field of transportation and urban infrastructure”.

After the First Berth Ceremony, Zhu Lixiang visited all the staff at the project site, congratulated them and expressed his condolences for the arduous efforts they have made.

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