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Xiao Yufang Went to Jianzhou New Town for Field Research

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 On November 22, Xiao Yufang, deputy general manager of Forth Harbour Consultants, and his entourage went to Jianzhou New Town for field research and guidance.

 After learning more about the field planning and the difficulties in promoting the project at this stage, in terms of the overall planning and urban style of Jianzhou New Town, Xiao Yufang clearly put forward that "serving Sichuan and benefiting the people requires us to integrate new concepts and new ideas into the design and to create a new city pattern to meet people's demand for a better life". Staff of Forth Harbour Consultants who participated in the design of the field shall actively coordinate with technical design work of CCCC Urban Investment, keep abreast of and track project dynamics, in view of the current adverse factors of Jianzhou New Town project such as undecided overall planning, tight design schedule and heavy tasks, take the initiative and do not wait to participate in the butt joint work of CCCC Urban Investment, and set a good brand image of Forth Harbour Consultants.

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