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Li Weiyi Participated in the CCCC Guangzhou Area Enterprise Reform Research Council

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 On November 22, Sun Ziyu, vice president of CCCC, visited Guangzhou to investigate the reform of enterprises in Guangzhou Area such as Forth Harbour Consultants, Forth Harbour Engineering, and Guangzhou Dredging, accompanied by Hu Guodan, general manager of CCCC Strategic Development Department, and Zheng Kai, deputy general manager of CCCC Strategic Development Department. Li Weiyi, general manager of Forth Harbour Consultants, Yu Derong, general manager assistant and office director, and Cai Xirong, director of Administration Office, attended the meeting.

Sun Ziyu said that we hope to further mobilize the enterprise reform working enthusiasm of units in Guangzhou area in implementing the "three supplies and one industry" stripping and "pressure reduction” through this investigation. At present, the state attaches great importance to the "three supplies and one industry" stripping work, clarifies the time limit and progress requirements for the stripping, and expects all units to seize the time to promote the stripping work. In addition, SASAC recently re-mobilized the "pressure reduction" work, and all the units that have been listed in the "pressure reduction" plan should strictly follow the stated objectives and strictly control newly-added enterprises.

Li Weiyi reported on the progress of the "three supplies and one industry" stripping and "pressure reduction” of Forth Harbour Consultants, as well as the difficulties in the promotion. He said that Forth Harbour Consultants will sign a framework agreement with the property company in terms of the implementation and reception of the property separation in dependant's area as soon as possible. For "pressure reduction" work, it will continue to implement the appropriate deployment of SASAC and CCCC and complete the "pressure reduction" task given by CCCC.

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