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CCCC Survey and Design Quality Inspection Team Conducts Survey and Design Quality Inspection and Technical Inspection for Forth Harbour Consultants

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 On November 23, CCCC Survey and Design Quality Inspection Team conducts survey and design quality inspection and technical inspection for Forth Harbour Consultants. Li Weiyi, general manager of Forth Harbour Consultants, Lu Yongchang, chief engineer, principals of Safety and Quality Supervision Department, Technical Department, Port and Shipping Division, Municipal Highway Design Institute and relevant departments, attended the inspection working conference.

After listening to the report on the overall situation of the company's quality and technology and basic situation of the random inspection items, the inspection team focused on examining the quality management of the random inspection items as well as the Port and Shipping Division and the Municipal Highway Design Institute. According to the arrangement of the Group, a total of 4 projects led by the Port and Shipping Division and 1 project led by the Municipal Highway Design Institute were inspected, mainly on aspects such as process control, basic data, calculation methods, calculation contents, design proposals and outcome documents. The quality management inspection of the Port and Shipping Division and the Municipal Highway Design Institute was mainly carried out in terms of internal and external audits, customer satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction, number of project excellence and self-examination.

At the summing-up meeting, experts of the inspection team summarized the inspection situation one by one. Experts of the inspection team highly appreciated the company's quality management work. The five design projects randomly inspected have their own design highlights. The process control has a complete record, with a strong traceability. The project's basic information is complete and reliable, with complete calculation sheet. In the meantime, the inspection team speaks highly of the company's satisfaction survey, which has statistics, analysis and improvement. At the same time, some suggestions for improvement are also put forward. It is hoped that the company can strengthen the application of BIM technology in the project, continue to increase the amount of evidence collection by professional designers of municipal projects and strengthen the company's supervision and inspection of on-site quality on the EPC project department.

Lu Yongchang said that Forth Harbour Consultants will make rectification according to the opinions put forward by the inspection team and continuously improve the design quality and quality management level of Forth Harbour Consultants.

Li Weiyi stressed that we should continue to strengthen groundwork and strengthen the application of standards and norms and the implementation of external information, etc. We should pay attention to structural safety, including safety of design, construction and operation period. We should improve human resources arrangement for the municipal road and bridge plate.

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