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Zhu Lixiang Visits Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering

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 On January 9, a delegation led by Zhu Lixiang, Chairman of CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd. (CCCC-FHDI) visited Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering Co., Ltd. (Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering), receiving warm reception from Executive Director & General Manager Zhou Chengping and Deputy General Manager Han Weiguo of Sinopec Guangzhou Engineering.

Zhu and Zhou reviewed the longstanding and pleasant cooperation between the two sides. Particularly, the two sides built high trust and forged deep friendship in the cooperation in projects including Sinopec Guangzhou, Sinopec Hainan and Sino-Kuwait Guangdong Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical.

Zhu thanked Sinopec Guangzhou for its high trust and strong support to CCCC-FHDI. The two sides have strong business complementarities, are in the same city, have a good cooperation history, and are superior in timing, geography and human relations, said him, hoping that the two sides would forge an all-round strategic partnership in domestic and foreign markets.

Zhou fully agreed with Zhu, thinking that the two sides are complementary in business and technology, and there is a solid foundation and good prospect of cooperation. He hoped that the two sides would reach a strategic cooperation framework agreement as soon as possible, and carry out all-round close cooperation in information exchange, joint bidding, business development, technical exchange, corporate culture, young staff exchange and other aspects, and expected to visit CCCC-FHDI in due time. Zhu welcomed him to CCCC-FHDI and looked forward to his arrival.

Jia Zhen, Director of the Executive Administration Department of CCCC-FHDI; Han Guojun, Deputy General Manager of the Maritime Engineering Division; Deputy Chief Engineer Xu Hongbin and Sun Hongyan, and other executives of CCCC-FHDI were present.

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