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FHDI held the second “Moving treasure” photography show.

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       In order to enrich cultural life of staff, show their spirit and enrich corporate culture, FHDI Trade Union held “The second moving treasure photography show” in the entrance hall on June, 15.
        This photography show provided the shutterbugs in FHDI a good platform for showing their talents, sharing techniques for photography and displaying photography works. They took full advantage of FHDI job nature, grasped spare time after work and favorable moment at work site, to record selfless working spirit of front-line staff and touching moments for hard work by camera and meanwhile shoot beautiful mountains and rivers and natural beauty in China, which not only cultivated their ideological sentiments but also showed their spirits.
      14 staff from FHDI organizations and production departments participated in this photography show, involving 55 entries, with 53 entries actually shown. It covered three categories, namely, people, scenery and project. The entries had precise conception and were quite glamorous, delicate, beautiful, and fascinating that all visitors lingered here and were full of praise.
       Li Qiongyang, a member of Guangdong Photographers Association, a member of Calligraphers Association of Guangdong Province, and Chairman of Guangdong Provincial Organizations, was invited as the judge for the photography show. In the principle of fairness, openness and impartiality, upon serious and careful selection, 3 first prize winners, 6 second prize winners, 9 third prize winners, 1 winner for best creativity award, 1 winner for best visual award, 1 winner for best shooting award were totally chosen.
       Moreover, the winning entries of this show will be chosen into whole system photography exhibition held by Guangdong Seamen’s Union, and “Scientific development & glorious traffic”, the first Shangong cup photography completion for National Transportation Industry, held by China Communications News. We wish the entries will achieve outstanding results, wining glory for FHDI.


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