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FHDI confirmed “Tangshan Caofeidian Iron and Steel Logistics Limited general terminal project (phase I) investigation am

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     On June 7, FHDI and HBIS held a signing ceremony for Tangshan Caofeidian Iron and Steel Logistics Limited General Wharf Phase I. Zhu Lixiang, President of FHDI, Li Weiyi, Deputy General Manager, Lu Yongchang, Chief Engineer of FHDI, Su Guangqi, General Manager of HBIS, and Yang Chunhua, Deputy Manager of HBIS, attended the ceremony.
       In the ceremony, Su Guangqi expressed his thanks to FHDI for their efforts made in the successful approval of Caofeidian Project. He said, during the implementation of the project, FHDI technical team was highly praised by the speedy and effective reaction, meticulous and dedicated working attitude, as well as high quality service attitude. And he hoped mutual communication, mutual support, mutual learning and mutual help through this project could lay the foundation for further cooperation in the future. Yang Chunhua expressed his thanks for the support and help that FHDI offered and hoped the smooth development of the project by relying on FHDI's technical strength and achieve a successful outcome.
       Zhu Lixiang extended the gratitude to HBIS for choosing FHDI as a partner and promised they would not fail this trust. They would actively promote all of project-related work, choose excellent design scheme from preferred ones, and provide the Owner with top quality service in word and deed, so as to make the project a complete success, thus achieving win-win for both sides. Li Weiyi said they would further strengthen the project management, enhance information communication of both sides, attach great importance on responsibility, and turn pressure into motivation, so as to promote the smooth implementation of the project. Later on, Zhu Lixiang gave the guests a brief introduction to the development of FHDI.
       In a friendly atmosphere and bursts of applause, Li Weiyi, on behalf of FHDI, signed a contract with HBIS at the ceremony.

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