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Operating Items


Planning and Consultation


Port, river & harbor engineering, highway, building, hydrogeology, engineering survey, geotechnical engineering and machinery

Business Scope

Preliminary Project Planning

Planning and Consultation

Prepare project proposals

Prepare a feasibility study report for a project

Analysis on investment opportunity and market

Project risk analysis and contribution study

Funding Application Report

Assessment and Consultation

Engineering Design

Project Management


1. Engineering design: be able to undertake engineering design of 21 industries (including but not limited to):

Water transportation industry

Port engineering, water way engineering, navigable construction engineering, hydraulic engineering of ship yard construction and repair, port handling technology, and water traffic control project

Highway industry

Highway, large bridge, extra-long tunnel and traffic engineering

Construction industry

Construction engineering and civil defense construction

Municipal administration

Water supply engineering, drainage engineering, thermal engineering, road works, bridge works, urban tunnel works, public communication works, rail transit works, and environmental health works

Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries

Chemical engineering and storage of petroleum and chemical products

Petroleum and natural gas

pipeline transportation and oil & gas warehouse


Fire power, water power, wind power, new energy generation, transmission & transformation and other auxiliary projects

Commercial grain

Logistics & warehousing and refined oil storage & transportation

Railway industry

Bridge, track, tunnel, electrization and communication signals

Civil aviation

Over all planning works for an airport, airport pavement/visual aid works, communication/navigation/aviation management and terminal weak-current works

Agriculture and forestry

Fishing port engineering

Water conservancy

Water diversion, irrigation & drainage, river improvement, urban flood control, land reclamation, soil & water conservancy and hydrological facilities

Marine industry

Onshore engineering and offshore engineering

Nuclear Power Industry

Survey, test and design of the following projects for coastal nuclear power station including nuclear protection, environmental protection, water intake and drainage, heavy-cargo highway transportation, as well as wharf engineering

2. Pressure piping design: categories GA, GB and GC


1. Engineering investigation: be able to undertake all engineering surveying investigation services

Professional services

Geotechnical engineeringgeotechnical investigation (engineering geological investigation), geotechnical design,geotechnical prospecting, test, detection & monitoring and geotechnical consultation

Hydrogeological investigation

Engineering survey

Labor services

Engineering drilling, well drilling and geotechnical regulation

2. Surveying and mapping: marine and engineering surveying and mapping

Project management and EPC

Project management: corresponding to design scope

EPC: corresponding to design scope

Project supervision

Port and waterway engineering

Housing construction

Highway engineering



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