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FHDI adopts a modern enterprise system, a perfect employment mechanism and a clear personnel training objective to closely integrate employees’ career and enterprise development and enable employees at all levels to find a stage to display their skills. Meanwhile, FHDI establishes a good remuneration & welfare system and a sound security system with significant characteristics of corporate cultural development & humanistic cares and employees’ strong sense of belonging.

FHDI is a knowledge-intensive enterprise supported by the employees with high overall quality. The Company has 702 employees, 205 of which get master degree or above and 401 of which get bachelor degree, accounting for 86% of total employees. The vast majority graduated from famous colleges and universities in China. In recent years, the Company has gradually introduced overseas students from prestigious universities abroad for the reserve of international talents. Meanwhile, the Company has first-rate technicians specialized in more than 30 fields such as port, technology, electrics, road, bridge, building, structure, geotechnical engineering, geology, survey, technical economy, chemical industry, rail, supervision, etc., which cover 214 professor-level & ordinary senior engineers and 259 technicians with intermediate professional title, accounting for 67% of total employees as well as 210 registered engineers. They are well experienced in design, investigation, EPC, supervision and consultation of their own specialty. In addition, the Company accomodates one engineering design master, 14 experts enjoying special allowances of the State Council and 16 technicians with Grade C Certificate of International Project Management Professional (IPMP), who are leading experts in the field and represent the domestic and even international advanced level.

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